Challenge of the month: July

Planning ahead, as we all know can be really beneficial and crucial for improvement. When it comes to fitness and wellness, planning ahead and following through with daily goals can be a great indicator of your success.

Each month at Digman Fitness we have two big goals we strive for:

1.Physical goal (outside the gym). These are great challenges to keep individuals in check by staying focused on their bigger goals of weight loss, increased injury prevention, post-rehab training, etc.

2.Nutritional goal. Each month is a little bit different of a challenge to keep individuals engaged and focused while they are cooking in their own kitchen.

* Each day/week we report our struggles or success that we are having and take action accordingly.
* Individuals are rewarded a complimentary one-one session when each challenge is won.

Come on in today to find out how you can improve your health and wellness today at Digman Fitness! We specailize in post-rehab/injury prevention training along with having fun with a great sweat!