Body Fat Loss

One of the top questions and issue for most individuals is ‘How can I lose body fat?! I run everyday, I eat my vegetables and even eat gluten free!’

We all struggle with our weight at times and need some help from our support group to succeed. Below are a few reminders that help keep us on track, especially during the summer months when we want to show off our success:


  1. Eat more soluble fiber (avocado, flax seeds, blackberries, black beans, Brussels sprouts, etc.). These are great for helping lower blood cholesterol and glucose leves.
  2. Drink less alcohol. Alcohol is inefficient and least likely of any carbohydrate to be used as energy. Instead, it is a fat burning suppressant.
  3. Less Stress. Engage in more activities that are fun (maybe schedule a vacation?)
  4. Strength Training. Yes, burning calories by running is great, but when an individual has more muscle their body is much more efficient at burning calories at rest (I like to combine the two activities).
  5.  More water and less sugary drinks (think simple—water with lemon)
  6. Probiotics. Balance your bodies normal bacteria for optimal health.
  7. Sleep. Aim for optimal amounts for recovery from stress and activity.
  8. Less processed sugar and trans fat. Even though your food is gluten free, what else in that food is causing havoc to your endocrine system?
  9. Eat plenty of lean protein. When you exercise, your body needs to repair itself with amino acids and healthy nutrients.
  10. Change your lifestyle. If you want to be as healthy as you say you do, adjust your career, your friends, etc. What you do most of the time is who you are. Talk your boss into having healthier snacks at meetings (do you want your job site to be healthy?)

The above checklist is great to fall back on when we get frustrated and results are not happening. This is a great list to have on any fridge to keep you motivated.