Back Pain? Follow these tips to add into your routine.

We all struggle with back pain as we age. Some more than others, but with some help realizing what to perform in the gym and when, you can be on your way to top shape. Low back pain can caused by a few things: tightness/stiffness in hamstrings, low back tightness/weakness, skeletal imbalances, or abdominal weakness. All of these can be led on by one another and rarely by just one, so pointing out an exact cause can be very difficult. I am here to help you cover all areas so that you have the best advantage.

Below are a few reminders:

1. First and foremost…Foam Roll. It is very important to make sure that your muscles are loose in a healthy way (not just static stretch before running or lifting!). Foam rolling is a great way to remove adhesions built up in your muscles, tightness  and even remove any lactic acid built up from a previous workout. Along with the cardiovascular and mobility routine, this can be a centerpoint to the start of a smart workout.

2. Mobility/dynamic movements before the routine are necessary to prep the body in a way at which it needs to move during the workout. Just think, a sprinter needs to prime his/her motor explosively in similar patterns as a race (necessary flexion/extension of hips, plantar flexion/extension, etc.). Also, just like a baseball pitcher needs to prime up and and move the shoulder in specific ranges of motion along with strength moves so that there is minimal risk to injury.

3. Once there is a good amount of sweat and spark to your engine you can now complete a great routine to improve. Without a specific warm-up you will not improve and get better. Squats, Step ups, planks, and anti-rotation isometric exercises are a few of my favorite exercises to increase core strength.

Without flexibility and movement in certain areas of you body you will not be able to complete each of these exercises so take the time to learn a few of my movements in the gym to get better.

*The body operates and moves in dynamic and complex ways. Train your body in those closely related ways to improve. Performing a deadlift/picking up a heavy object and squats target every single muscle group in the body, especially your ABS! Time efficient.

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