Annual Exercise is Play Event

Welcome to our Annual Exercise is Play Event which takes place on August 19th from 9-11 am at Digman Fitness! I am really excited about this event which will showcase many different activities that will help you and your family have fun with exercise! This is also a sponsored event which will benefit Madison4kids (a local support to help Greater Madison, WI kids and youth organizations (age 17 and under) achieve and live a better quality of life). I love helping the younger generation and educating youth so that they can have better opportunities to lead healthy lives! When I look back at the opportunities and the individuals who helped shape my life when I was in the ‘molding stage’, I couldn’t have been happier!

The following activities will help you become stronger, more conditioned and prevent against injuries during our event:

  1. Mobility exercises throughout the whole body & why they are important (warm-up to cool down)
  2. Corrective activation exercises (exercises that enhance the row, squat, pull or push techniques)
  3. Games for all ages and abilities that incorporate strength & conditioning.
  • Strength Exercises to prevent injuries and improve performance
  • Cardiovascular exercises to improve stamina and decrease chances of obesity-related diseases (high and low impact)
  • Circuits that help bring individuals together for FUN!
Sign up at DIGMANFITNESS.COM at the top of the homepage (July 21 early bird rate & Aug 1 guaranteed t-shirt) or CLICK HERE for your chance to have fun and make a difference!
(Be sure to also email me sizes for t-shirts)