21 Days of Inspiration

Transformation of one’s self can be a stressful time for individuals looking for positive change. Positive change with nutrition, activity, exercise, family etc. can sometimes be a little frustrating to tackle and anticipate. Help me help YOU create that positive change so that life can become more enjoyable.

Your mental self and physical self needs to be in alignment just like a blueprint in a house. If there are areas that are weak and unfinished then it can be hard to move forward without dealing with those difficulties in the future.

What I want to introduce to YOU is my 21 Days of Inspiration program!

21 Days of Inspiration is a chance to tackle goals, set action steps and compete with yourself, friends and coworkers! View below for the logistics of my FREE program: 

1. Sign up via email to me at corey@digmanfitness.com

2. Receive an introductory newsletter and videos explaining the program.

3. Weekly challenges that outline our monthly Challenge Theme throughout the 21 Days.

4. Access to corrective exercise content and videos to help you Regain your Body and Revitalize your Life!

5. Weekly Prizes and a chance to win a $200 gift card to use at Digman Fitness!


*If any of these exercises want to be completed at Digman Fitness, individuals are encouraged to sign up for our 10-Day Trial for $49!

* May is Mother’s Day Month! Bring your wife, friend (who is a mother) or mother in the gym and they receive 50% their membership for the month!