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Julia Schneider at Digman Fitness

3 – Digman Fitness Podcast Member of The Month: Julia Schneider

I want to welcome you to our highly anticipated August podcast featuring our member of the month, an exercise tip and some nutrition take aways. Read on below… Member of the Month: Julia Schneider Below is an interview I had with Julia: 1) How long have you been working out at Digman Fitness? I have…

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Digman Fitness Madison WI

2 – Digman Fitness Podcast: July Member of the Month, Brian Kluender

Listen in on our exciting interview that I have with Brian as we talk about what motivates him everyday, how to incorporate a healthier lifestyle and what YOU can do TODAY to stay in shape! In the Podcast we will feature 3 topics: Interview with our member of the month- Brian Kluender Nutrition Tip of the…

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Mark Nelson at Digman Fitness, Madison, WI

1 – Digman Fitness Podcast: June Member of the Month, Mark Nelson

Corey Digman of Digman Fitness meets with Member of the Month, Mark Nelson, to learn what he likes most about training at Digman Fitness. Corey also shares his exercise and nutritional tips of the month on this inaugural episode of the Digman Fitness Podcast. Congratulations to Mark Nelson for being nominated as our June Member of the…

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2017 Summer Fitness Challenge!

Welcome to the 2017 Digman Fitness Summer Fitness Challenge! This year’s challenge will be greater and more exciting than any other challenge that we have completed! This 5-day challenge is comprised of several total body strength & conditioning movements that are DIFFERENT each day! You will not know what each day will bring until 5AM…

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Health & Our Budget

When it comes to making time for our health, there are a few important factors we take into account: Do I have enough time to invest in my health? Do I have enough money (or take time away from my career to spend 15-30 minutes on a workout or even 60 if you travel to…

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Improve Your Push-up

The push-up can be a fun show of upper body strength for those looking to improve overall fitness and body image. It can also be a detriment and lead to injury in the shoulder if done wrong. There are drills we constantly perform in the gym to make sure we are not only getting stronger,…

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Member of The Month: Heather

Congratulations to May’s Member of The Month: Heather Blume! Heather has been grinding out these past few months consistently working hard towards her goals and has been recognized for her achievements! I find it easy to point out that Heather’s energy, stamina, strength and movement has improved tremendously these last few months! Check out a…

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Exercise to Improve Memory

“Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.” John Adams   Studies have shown that exercise as simple as a brisk walk everyday can do more for your brain than solving a puzzle, math equation or even a riddle. I love the book, Grain Brain…

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Do I Make Enough Time?

We all have priorities in life that fit our agenda of how we want to live: Family, Career, Personal and Recreation. There are several sub-categories, but the main focus is generally in these areas. How can we take full advantage of the priorities that matter most to help us get better? What areas do we need…

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