2017 Summer Fitness Challenge!

Welcome to the 2017 Digman Fitness Summer Fitness Challenge!

This year’s challenge will be greater and more exciting than any other challenge that we have completed!

This 5-day challenge is comprised of several total body strength & conditioning movements that are DIFFERENT each day! You will not know what each day will bring until 5AM CST of that day! Be Prepared to have fun!


The WINNER of the 2017 Digman Fitness Summer Fitness Challenge wins money TOWARDS a trip of choice to where ever you want to go! (think of your bucket list weekend getaways!!!) Note- this is not a total expense paid, depending on how many people are enrolled in the contest will determine how much you receive. I.E- 20 people @ $30 ea= $600 towards a trip


Start Date: June 26th at 5am CST

End Date: June 30th at 9 pm CST

Rules: Each day you must record video of you completing the challenge and post to DF Challenge page or Digman Fitness on Facebook.

If you do not use facebook then send video link to corey@digmanfitness.com (you can upload on youtube also).

Note—If you do not want to be seen by anyone other than me, you can select the video as “unlisted” in youtube so that no one can see the video unless you have the link. Any questions feel free to ask!

The 2017 Summer Fitness Challenge link is HERE. Click to sign up!

Every week, I will post the challenge workout on the FUN FITNESS CHALLENGE page on digmanfitness.com. I will also post on DF Challenge Page and Digman Fitness on Facebook.

If you are a member of Digman Fitness or our online Regeneration Program, the fitness challenge is at a discount price. Also, for those that are non-members and want to join in on the challenge LIVE at Digman Fitness are able to join for FREE the week of the contest! Classes are 5 am/6 am or 5pm/6pm Monday-Thursday and Friday from 5am-Noon.