Monthly Archives: July 2016

Favorite Books I Read

I wanted to take this time to mention and outline a few of my “Top 5” favorite books that I have read within the past 3-4 years below: 1. Uncommon: Tony Dungy’s story of success in coaching and how he relates it to everyday living 2.The Power of Broke: Damon John’s rules of success and what…

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Summer Nutrients & Cramping

Nutrition is the #1 component along with sleep and stress reduction when it comes to optimal health/well-being! What we do at Digman Fitness is very regimented and thorough as far as routine goes, but what you are doing outside the gym is far more important! Sleep—–Eat—–Train—–Hydration (article below)—–Recover/Stress Reduction—–REPEAT Have a goal of being healthy…

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2016 Summer Fitness Challenge!

Welcome to our 2016 Summer Fitness Challenge! This fitness challenge is something that all ages and levels can compete in for best time! This fitness challenge is great for those looking for  a fun way to get in a quick exercise routine before/after work or as a substitute to a normal routine! Read on below…

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