2016 Spring Fitness Challenge

Welcome to our annual Spring Fitness Challenge! Be ready to challenge your heart, lungs and muscles through a series of great total body movements! What better way to open up early spring with a fun fitness challenge with your friends and coworkers for PRIZES! read below for rules and details:


Our 2016 Spring Fitness Challenge is fit for all ages, levels and abilities. The challenge is comprised of 4 exercises for 4 rounds (Best Time!) The winner for Men and Women receive a Spring Fitness Challenge T-Shirt and discounts towards our gym membership as well as our ONLINE Regeneration PROGRAM.

Level 1 Exercises: CLICK HERE

Level 2 Exercises: CLICK HERE

Be sure to check out my Dynamic Warm-up Routine HERE before completing circuit. Review both levels to find out which one best suites your level/ability. Awards are given to those in both categories.


Good luck and have fun!