Monthly Archives: August 2014

Kettlebell Training: The Snatch

Kettlebell training has a can be a great supplement to any training plan! Not only the Kettlebell technique itself, but the aspect of exploisive training. Explosive training is great for those of all ages and abilities to improve and recruit more muscle fibers, specifically the fast twitch fibers. Fast twitch fibers are those that are…

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Prep your week!

Take a few minutes at the end of your weekend to prep for greatness! Below I share my usual routine of prepping all my fantastic food for the week so that I can stay accountable. If I have the right foods, I have the right frame of mind and enough energy to do well in…

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Member of the Month: August

Member of the month of August is Kermit Bergs! Kermit has been working with Digman Fitness for close to 9 months and has seen some great gains! He rarely misses a routine and comes in to work hard session after session which shows from his results. I want to congratulate him for working hard towards…

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